2023 Testimonials

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‘We are so thankful to you and my daughter is very happy. She got a 9 in chemistry and it seems her mark was well into the 9 band. We owe you a huge thank you. She massively lacked confidence in chemistry before she started with you’.

RR (parent) August 2022.

‘Thank you so much for all you help with GCSE Chemistry. I'm really grateful.

I'm looking forward to working with you in September for A level Biology!’

LR (student) June 2022

‘Thank you for everything; you were such a great help. I couldn’t have done it without you’.

AB (student) July 2022

Lise has tutored my children for GCSE biology and chemistry and A Level biology. We have been extremely pleased with the service provided. Lise is calm, encouraging and clear with her instruction and teaching. My children were a little concerned initially about having online sessions, but after the first session they felt reassured and happy to continue.  For us it was an effective way to learn new information, consolidate school work and practice exam technique. I would thoroughly recommend.

Theresa (parent) August 2022

‘Thanks for your tuition. My daughter would not have done so well without it’

JC (parent) August 2022

Thank you for tutoring me as you've helped me a lot with GCSE Chemistry and Biology.’

AB (student) June 2022

‘Thank you so much for your support over the past year; it has been such a help’.

TB (parent) June 2022

‘My son has loved his Friday afternoon sessions with you! He says that you are a really great teacher. Thank you for making his science knowledge school/ exam shaped! I feel so pleased that he has had the sessions with you, as in addition to being better prepared for the scholarship exams, I feel that he will be much more confident and positive starting school science lessons/ work.

A huge thank you for all of your efforts.’

KH (parent) April 2022

Lise tutored our daughter in GCSE Chemistry and Biology to achieve her target levels. Due to covid and lockdown my daughter's confidence was lower in these two subjects and she needed a boost in confidence and help to accelerate her revision. Lise is a very committed and an inspirational teacher, with an evident passion for these subjects. She inspired and motivated my daughter by giving her lots of revision tips. Lise helped my daughter gain confidence in these two subjects and taught her how to structure her work. Lise is very organised and managed to go through all the curriculum from September to May. My daughter achieved the needed grades to allow her to continue her journey to A levels. Lise has a friendly approach which really put our daughter at ease.

RB (parent) August 2022

‘My son achieved a 6 in Biology. He is absolutely delighted with his Biology result; thank you so much for your support. It made a huge difference to his grade.’

RS (parent) August 2022

‘I got my GCSE results today which were Biology 9; Chemistry 8; Physics 9. I am very happy. Thank you for all your help’.

MD (student) August 2022

We couldn't have asked for a better tutor for our son to help him through his A Level Biology exam. All lessons were planned out in advance by Lise, providing all the material necessary for the tuition session. Each session would focus on previous exam papers, where the answer provided by our son would be reviewed and discussed. If it was apparent that more knowledge was needed on a particular topic then Lise would spend focus time on that topic to help understanding. Finally Lise would provide the model answer for the question to use as part of his revision. As parents, Lise would always keep us informed on progress and highlight any concerns if necessary. Thank you very much for your support.

DM (parent) August 2022

Lise tutored my son in Science to achieve his GCSE. His ability was relatively weak but he needed to reach a good grade to do his Physical Education A level. Lise is a very professional and dedicated teacher, with an evident passion for her subject. She inspired and motivated my son, giving him lots of revision tips. Considering it was Science, my son thoroughly enjoyed his time with Lise and it has been difficult for his new teachers to follow her level of enthusiasm, warmth and commitment.

K.H (parent) February 2021

Lise tutored my son for his GCSE’s in Chemistry, Biology and Physics. She has an outstanding knowledge of the subjects and a great tutoring style. Great support was provided to my son and Lise helped him raise his grades from 5’s to 8’s. Thank you Lise.

A.D (parent) January 2021

Our son started tuition with Lise in advance of his GCSE exams and we've continued now into A Level Biology as well. Initially face to face sessions and subsequently via online, there was a significant improvement in his GCSE results as Lise helped him gain confidence in his own ability and to structure his work accordingly. A mix of teaching and time spent going over past papers was really helpful to our son. Lise has a  friendly style which really put our son at ease.

D. M. (parent) January 2021

Lise tutored my son through his common entrance chemistry.  He definitely got a much better grade because of her and for my part it was such a huge weight off my mind to know that he was getting help in that one subject where he struggled and where I couldn’t help.  I felt we had chemistry covered and I could just worry about all the other two science subjects.

P.D. (parent) November 2020

Thank you for teaching my daughter science and helping her with her revision for the end of year exams. My daughter enjoys working with you and you have a kind and competent manner when answering her questions. My daughter feels safe and thrives because she is able to work with you 1:1. She is now enjoying her Science lessons again!’

B.S (parent) January 2021

Your help was unbelievable. Not only did you cover all of the Science subjects but taught how to structure the answers. I would never have achieved the grades I got without you.

M.H (student) December 2020

Lise has provided tuition to my twin children for the last two years and in that time, not only have both improved on their predicted GCSE grades but more importantly , both have actually enjoyed and found science interesting.

Lise has shown a deep knowledge of all three science subjects and has been consistent in the actual delivery i.e. the content is taught in a relaxed and yet also a very thorough and professional way. We have found Lise to be extremely organised, punctual and reliable. Both my children thoroughly agree with this recommendation. Overall, we highly recommend Lise to any parent considering tuition for their son and/or daughter.

D.C (parent) January 2021

I would highly recommend Lise as a tutor. She has taught my daughter for her GCSE and currently A level Biology. There has been a significant improvement in my daughter’s grades and she has made tremendous progress. Lise is very approachable and always ready to answer queries and provide encouragement.

B.G (parent) January 2021